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Author and Illustrator Matthew Bogart has released the entire book of "The Chairs’ Hiatus" on his website. You can read the sweet and funny story of two girls, Nel and Mary who become incredibly successful in their band The Chairs. Mary doesn’t want the fame and seeks out a new life in a new city. Part Scott Pilgrim, part Blankets and completely original this story is about everyday friendships and the hardships that go along with them.


Matthew Bogart has started a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of turning the ebook into a physical book. The art will be in two colors and the book will be in a hardcover format. 

Be a part of the history of this graphic novel and check out the Kickstarter for “The Chairs’ Hiatus”. 

Wow! Thanks so much for that wonderful write up! Scott Pilgrim and Blankets? Yikes! That’s flattering! Thank you.

We’re doing great, but we’ve got a long way to go! Keep spreading the word!


crowned bat

Jean Mansel, La Fleur des histoires ou les hystores rommaines abregies…, France 1454.

Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, Ms 5088 réserve, fol. 303v



Corsican vendetta knife with floral detail

che la mia ferita sia mortale
"may my wound be deadly"

holy shit

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Iron Age shoes (ca. 400 BCE to 400 CE) found on a body in a European bog.

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NATURE FACT: The plumage of high school students is colored by pigments in the school lunches!



The fact that there is enough people writing “Kaiju erotica” that I didn’t need to repeat a single author to make this set is quite scary.

Okay, I’m just gonna say that “Losing Her Kaiju Virginity” makes me think that this woman’s virginity is rampaging through Tokyo knocking over buildings and screeching in rage.

Which…is sorta what I felt like as a teenager, I grant you, but mine never took down any power plants.


I still want to know how everyone agreed on “to hide Anakin Skywalker’s son, let’s take him to Anakin’s home planet, leave him with Anakin’s family, and not change his last name from ‘Skywalker’”

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We’re half way to reaching our goal on Kickstarter! That’s fantastic! If you haven’t yet, take a look at the project.

We hope to turn my graphic novel The Chairs’ Hiatus into a beautiful, two color, hardback book and we’ve got lots of Kickstarter exclusive rewards to help us make that happen!

You can read The Chairs’ Hiatus for free on my if you site.